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Be the boss of your life experience and design your best life. Most of us operate based on hidden beliefs about ourselves, and are therefore powerless in our lives. Jasmine Svare has a Masters degree in Psychology and works with clients as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor to create their best and most successful lives. While this podcast, of course, does not provide you with counseling or healthcare services from Jasmine, you can start to build your understanding of subconscious programming, existing in the truth, and being empowered to create your future. Let’s co-create a conscious life experience that allows us to truly live our lives; conscious, awake, and empowered. Join Jasmine and others in authentic and inspiring conversations that invite us all to fully live our lives.

The Live Your Life Podcast

Jasmine Svare

032 Valentine’s Day and Healthy Lov‪e‬

Valentine’s Day is an interesting day, it’s usually either wonderful or horrible. What I want to invite you to see is that most of what we are taught about love doesn’t work. Most of what we are taught isn’t love, and it’s definitely not self-love. We are filled with expectations of others and powerlessness because we have given our self-worth to the people around us. That is a set up, and that does not work.

Whether you are in a partnership or you desire one, I invite you to pay attention. Love and take care of yourself. Tend to your emotional wounds, that’s how we find healthy love. I could scream about self-love from the mountain tops and we might all hear it, but it’s still seriously lacking. Love yourself, first. Take care of yourself, first. That’s how we have healthy love.

I talk a lot about A Course in Miracles in this episode. Visit if you are ready to do some work.

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031: “Rapid Healing from Pornography Addiction and Trauma” with Seth Taylo‪r‬

Pornography Addiction was the first symptom of a deeper trauma that Seth stepped into to begin his healing journey. In this episode, we discuss what did not work and step into what did work for Seth on his own journey to deep, energetic healing.

Seth Taylor loves to help people discover how unconscious trauma repressed within them is blocking them from creating the life they truly desire to live. He does this through all kinds of therapeutic tools that he has spent years developing. He believes that people can change in rapid and permanent ways and that all the power we need to do this lies deep within us. He loves his life in Seattle, WA with his wife and two kids and wakes up to an incredible adventure every day.

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030 “Bringing Mental Health to Beauty and Fashion” with Jennifer Adam‪s

Jennifer Adams is an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist (#110390) who specializes in Trauma Healing and is on both the Trauma Informed Care as well as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee Member at San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center. She’s also earning her Ph.D. in Trauma and Disaster Relief at Northcentral University.

Jennifer’s experience of healing her own childhood trauma sparked her desire to help others be free 💪. When she’s not supporting individuals with their mental health and wellness, she creates content for her own brand bringing mental health topics into the fashion and beauty realms💄 and is a Marketing Agency Director at helping her clients strengthen their social media game!

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029 2020 Review and on to 202‪1‬

Do we say “Happy 2021”? What a weird year and a weird life right now. I didn’t really say that very much. In this episode, I share a little bit about my experience during quarantine and what I see happening in the people around me. I even share a little bit of my experiences dating after divorce in the midst of a global pandemic, hooray for a good time. We are all in this together and the most important thing for me is to do whatever I can do to experience peace. I wish you all so much peace and love. Let’s hope that we can find that, even if it doesn’t feel so “happy”.

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028 When People Hurt U‪s‬

It’s important to remember that everyone is existing in their own perception of reality. When you believe someone is doing something “to” you, it can be helpful and also more peaceful to recognize that everyone is reacting to their own internal beliefs and feelings. This often has very little to do with anyone else.

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027 Master your Finances with Doug Peterso‪n‬

Finances cause tension with couples, make people feel frustrated and out of control, and leave business owners feeling overwhelmed. Doug Peterson helps his clients master their finances.

Over the last 20 years, Doug Peterson has helped people align their goals and visions both personally and professionally. He founded Get Priorities Straight in 2018 to provide a program to help individuals maximize their personal income and improve their ability to invest. Having founded and run eight businesses in his career, Doug has perfected a system that works regardless of industry, marital status, or income. He is currently working with Amazon managers, wealth managers, real estate professionals, attorneys, and technology professionals.

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026 Everything is Messy with Kelly Ann Gorma‪n

Inspiration, motivation, determination, and a never-give-up attitude are what got Kelly to where she is today. Her biggest dream is to be able to help others get to where they want to be, both personally and professionally.

Kelly Ann Gorman is a Podcaster, Author, Business and Life Coach, and Creator of The Happy Workaholic Network. An online destination intended to elevate your mind, upgrade your business, enhance your life, and become a part of a positive and uplifting community. Kelly helps business owners organize their space, build momentum, stay accountable, launch successful podcasts, and, most importantly, enjoy their life. Kelly has always taken a more personal approach to business. She continuously uses her expertise and knowledge to raise awareness through patient advocacy and growing The Happy Workaholic Podcast, Network, A Million Dreams Publishing, and her coaching experiences.

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024 Your Spiritual Prescription with Laura Vivonett‪o

What is your Spiritual Prescription? What do you need to deeply support yourself and the alignment to your highest self and most abundant path?

Laura Vivonetto owns Spiritual Prescription. Not only is it a spiritual product used to gift anyone who needs it, and also a marketing company dedicated to helping creators create branding to align to their ideal clients. Spiritual Prescription is an Intuitive, woman-owned and managed company with a collective 20+ years’ experience in marketing, art and branding. Dedicated to creating messages designed to align you with your ideal clients and opening the vortex of abundance. Social Media Influencers with a voice for this generation. Collaborating with brands that will leave an imprint on the world and do no harm.

The mission of Spiritual Prescription is to work with Creators, Coaches, Wellness Brands and Eco-Friendly Products to align their message and branding so they attract their ideal clients and are catapulted into the vortex of abundance. We intuitively brand our clients and channel messages from the Universe to guide the creative process. We use visual medicine to speak to a consumer on a soul-level. Our company is about empowering women, we were founded by women, our creators are all female and our goal is to employ a diverse group of female thought-leaders and creators

If you check out SP’s website they have novelty spiritual lighters- for purchase. They are releasing kits with Chakra White Sage Bundles and an E-book for Cleansing your Energy for Black Friday.

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023 Managing Stress in your Dog with Kimberly Brow‪n

Kimberly Brown of Audax K9 Academy talks about how to best support your dog during stressful times. Many people don’t pay attention to the signals that dogs are giving off when they are in distress, and it is in understanding what is happening for our dogs psychologically that we can both (dog and human) find our best support. Kim talks about what she is seeing and anticipates happening with all the new dogs coming into people’s homes during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Have a doggo? Listen in and please share. Kim offers video and in person dog training at her training facility in Snohomish, Washington.

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