We all receive programming early on in our lives.

Our beliefs about ourselves and the world are put into place as we grow up. We seek experiences to support our belief systems and repeat certain patterns over and over. For many of us, we are operating under belief systems that are no longer true. We don’t realize that our beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies. The only way to break out of them is to tap into our subconscious and see what we are believing so that we have an opportunity to change them.

The easiest place to see these patterns is in the context of our relationships. Most of us find ourselves repeating the same relationship dynamic over and over again. And we wonder why the second marriage has a higher divorce rate than the first! It is because we repeat the same patterns until we become conscious of them and begin to heal them.

If you find yourself in similar repeating relationship dynamics, you can be sure that you are attracting this yourself. These patterns are based on what you believe about yourself. Most of us live our lives existing in false realities and don’t realize that we have a right to question them.

Let this serve as your invitation. Your invitation to the truth, which exists beneath what you believe to be true. Beneath all of our beliefs is the Truth, and it’s a pathway to a beautiful life.

These beliefs are buried in our subconscious. We often seek knowledge by reading books, but how often have you found that to enable you to make deep changes in the core of your identity? Of course, knowledge is powerful and helpful. However, some things require more than knowledge to understand. In fact, I think there are many tools necessary to achieve true mastery in life, reading being one of them. However, the relational piece is fundamental to true awareness. I did not see true changes in my life until I hired someone to be there for me, consistently, for an extended period of time. This allowed me to have access to his thoughts, feelings, and perspectives to unconsciously reprogram mine.

Science can help us understand why this is so. The neocortex is the part of the brain that best understands logic and reasoning. This is the part that of the brain that you are using when you read a book or learn something new. It holds our conscious processes.

Deep emotional changes occur in the limbic brain, which is separate from the neocortex. The limbic brain is where emotional changes can take place. The conscious process of self-help can only get you so far.  Making deep and sustainable changes in our subconscious, emotional mind is a process vital to true transformation. Having the knowledge of what to do is not enough.

Why does this matter?

When we are born, we make sense of our existence in the format of an attachment to another human. We explore the world, seek validation, and take comfort in knowing that someone is there supporting us. We are programmed to learn and grow through our experience with another human being. This is not something you can find in a book. This is not something we logically understand, but instead it is a deep inner-knowing that fuels our existence. We literally die without this attachment to others.

This is why working with another human as you explore these patterns not only makes sense, but is absolutely necessary.

Perhaps, like me, you have read a lot of books to find the answers.  I believe that my search for more logic and knowledge and my reliance on intellectual abilities has kept me stuck to some extent. I long tried to figure things out logically and this kept me searching down the wrong path. I found a lot of knowledge through that process, but I did not find the answers I was seeking. I needed to find the answers through attachment with someone who was there to support me. This was the foundation of all the other pieces. This type of work happens in the context of attachment.

My Experience

I spent many years not living my best life. Like many of us, I found myself living my life asleep and passively stuck in old, fear-based stories that prevented me from living my actual life and creating the successful life of my dreams that I knew was possible. The things that I believed about myself ruled my kingdom, instead of me ruling the kingdom myself.

I was jarred awake through painful spiritual awakenings. In my life, many ceilings caved in and many doors closed. These helped me to see that I was wasting my life in a story and not fully living a life that was real. I was not living my life. I was living in a false reality, a life of compliance to my limiting beliefs. I was along for the ride felt I had no power to choose something different. I erroneously believed that my life was not mine and I was wrong.

I do not choose a life of compliance. I choose a life of Mastery.

Now, I am the Master of my life. I am driving the car that is my life. I am no longer passively riding along with the false stories. I am the active participant in the creation of my beautiful life.

You cannot imagine the beauty that will come when you wake up and exist in a life where you can be proactive rather than reactive. Many of us are stuck in unconscious patterns that rule our lives. We don’t realize that we can break the patterns if we take time to invest in ourselves. 

When we live in the truth, everything is better. It puts you in the driver’s seat. You can have happier and healthier relationships. You can make empowered decisions. Your life can be immeasurably satisfying and fulfilling when it is authentic.

You must clear away the clutter that hides the truth. It is only when we release our false stories that we find true freedom.

Are you ready?

How many years have you spent not living your life? There is a difference between existing and truly living. One is reactive, while the other is proactive in creating a beautiful life. Which one would you prefer?

Why do you invest in your personal development? What outcome are you desiring and what is it that you truly want? I want peace. I want freedom. I want to be present in my life. I want to feel love. I want to feel like everything is okay. Anything could grow from these intentions. This is why I invest in myself and will forever. This is my life, and I invite you to yours.

Let me ask you this: what might it look like to take one year and commit to doing deep work on yourself, if it changed the rest of your life? There is no quick fix to make deep changes. It is an investment in yourself, not just financially, but also of your time and your energy.

There are a lot of ways to grow and change, but my work is all about connecting. The work I do will create a foundation of attachment for your growth. It will create a foundation grounded in consistent meetings where we both commit to doing this work together.