What is your Spiritual Prescription? What do you need to deeply support yourself and the alignment to your highest self and most abundant path?

Laura Vivonetto owns Spiritual Prescription. Not only is it a spiritual product used to gift anyone who needs it, and also a marketing company dedicated to helping creators create branding to align to their ideal clients. Spiritual Prescription is an Intuitive, woman-owned and managed company with a collective 20+ years’ experience in marketing, art and branding. Dedicated to creating messages designed to align you with your ideal clients and opening the vortex of abundance. Social Media Influencers with a voice for this generation. Collaborating with brands that will leave an imprint on the world and do no harm.

The mission of Spiritual Prescription is to work with Creators, Coaches, Wellness Brands and Eco-Friendly Products to align their message and branding so they attract their ideal clients and are catapulted into the vortex of abundance. We intuitively brand our clients and channel messages from the Universe to guide the creative process. We use visual medicine to speak to a consumer on a soul-level. Our company is about empowering women, we were founded by women, our creators are all female and our goal is to employ a diverse group of female thought-leaders and creators

If you check out SP’s website they have novelty spiritual lighters- for purchase. They are releasing kits with Chakra White Sage Bundles and an E-book for Cleansing your Energy for Black Friday.

Laura Vivonetto, is going through a bit of a transition right now. She is currently working with a Holistic Hormonal Nutritionist and Coach to heal her body from PCOS. The direction she is taking her business in is more to support women physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. She is partnering with brands that will support women and women’s health and questioning any partnerships that aren’t aligned with her purpose and messaging and aren’t for peace and equality. Her IG page used to be a place to go for positive quotes and now that she feels more evolved as a human, her page has transitioned to sharing the things that matter most to her. Human Rights Advocacy, Women’s Rights, being a strong ally for the Black Community and the LGBTQ+ Community, Climate Change Advocacy. She believes that we cannot just talk about the Spiritual Plane and we need to show up in all areas of the world and be fierce voices and leaders and lead the change and help the world through this Shadow Work and uplevel.